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Southern Flower Bucket 

                     and Design

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If there is something you don't see here in our rentals, we are certainly happy to try and locate for you, as we are always out and about junkin!!

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White Wire Basket, White Pic​nic Basket, Misc Crates, Galvanized Hanging Buckets, Misc Buckets, Lg Square Metal Bucket, Lg Round Metal Bucket, Red Bucket with Rustic Metal Basket, White Metal Flower Vase, Small Chalk Board Metal Containers

Above items listed below​​

White Bench, White Iron Bench, Gold Settee, Purple Settee, Pink Striped Settee, Shabby Chic Wooden Bench, White Wash Bench with Heart, Blue Bench

Above items listed below:

Turquoise Floor Candlesticks, Silver Candelabra w/Crystals, Turquoise Chandelier w/Crystals, Shab​by Chic Chandelier, Turquoise​ Floor Candelabra, Shabby Chic Candle Holder, White Vintage Shabby Chic Chandelier.

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Mix-Matched Hand Chosen China Dinner Plates, Salad Plates, Dessert Plates, Cups & Saucers

 Turquoise & Purple Chargers, Grapevine Chargers

Above items listed below:

Purple Heart Chairs, White & Turquoise Folding Chairs, Bamboo Chairs, Misc White Vintage Chairs, Misc Vintage Colored Chairs, Purple Rod Iron Rocker, White Shaggy Chair, Black & White Chair, Vintage Floral Print Padded Chair 

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Misc assortment of linens inclu​ding Chenille, Lace, Crochet, Sheers and Burlap, Crochet Pillows

Hand-Painted Fabric Heart Pillow, Hand-Painted Fabric Heart Pillow w/Zipper, Large White Fluffy Pillow, Tan & Dark Blue Fringe Pillows, Shabby Chic Earth Tone Rag Strip Garland Back Drop, Shabby Chic Hand-Painted Rag Strip Garland Back Drop, Custom Lace/Muslin/beaded Back Drop, Blue-Turquoise Muslin fabric with Vanilla Lace Rag Strip Garland Back Drop

We also offer custom made pillows and fabric draping for personal or any of your events. 

Above items listed below:

Metal Bed Springs, Round Wood Pieces, White Flower Shabby Chic Centerpiece, Misc Bottles, Metal Shabby Chic Lantern, Small Vintage Milk Bottle Vases, Boho Desert Vases, Misc Bottles and Jars, Macrame Jars/Vases, Rustic Cone Vases, Half & Half Vases, Misc Shabby Chic Wine Bottles, Misc Corked Bottles, Round Wood Painted Piece 

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Vintage Trailer (Petunia), Vintage Wash Tub,  Bohemian Foot Stools, Vintage Roman Vase, Turquoise Letter Jug, Love Sign with Heart, White Vintage Cart, Small Turquoise Screen, Small White & Green Chest, Turquoise Gate,  Paisley floor Lamp, Lg Turquoise​ Screen, White Chalk Board Door

Shabby Chic Mattress Spring, White Washed Cowboy Wagon, Large Rustic Plant Stand, Misc Shabby Chic Wine Bottles, European Vintage Doors, Country Vintage wagon, Chippy Blue & White Door with Hardware, Vintage Turquoise Flower Bike, Small White Chalk Wicker Table, Tall Garden Vase, 

Early 1900 Piano Keyboard Cover (would be awesome to use as a sign in table or a Candy bar/Cake table)