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Southern Flower Bucket 

                      and Design

Starting at just $9.99


I can not wait to do this again. Thank you for blessing us with a fabulous Petunia sighting and being so wonderful to work with. We are so lucky to know you and our Clients had the best time.

Owner - Shelton Properties

Vivian and Danna did the decor for our banquet (100 centerpieces & more)! They are so talented and great to work is never a dull moment working with these ladies.

What our customers are saying

Danna & Viv have done some amazing decorating for our Construction Company​ Christmas parties!

They are super creative and easy to work with. We leave it up to them and they have come up with some awesome themes.


What our customers are saying

I was SO happy with my 40th Birthday Party decorations by Southern Flower Bucket! They did a great job cap​turing my own personal style and making the place look amazing. Not only was everything beautiful, my husband said that Viv and Danna were also super easy to work with and wanted to make sure their customers are happy. It was a night I will never forget!